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Downloading stopping at 90%+


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Sorry if this has been posted in another thread, I went back 4 pages just to make sure.

Im new to torrent, and my connection is great. I get downloads of 400kbs+ per file, and uploads work great as well.

Certain torrents, however, will skyrocket at top download speeds for me... just to die at 90%+ of the total file. Ive only had this happen with a couple files (maybe 2-3 thus far), but I was wondering what would be the cause of this?

I will download lets say, a 600-700mb file in 30min to an hour, and then will hang at 95%.6 for 3hours with no signs of a single byte being downloaded.

Thanks in advance!


Could it possibly be that I cannot connect to the tracker? Would this have anything to do with finalizing the download?


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