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Apartment Blocking P2P Apps?


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I recently signed a 9 month lease to Sahara Apartments (Saharaapartments.com). Now they recently changed there website, but when I signed my lease it said "All utilities included no limit. Including high speed internet and satalite tv." The unlimited high speed internet was the sole reason for me chosing this over a cheaper, bigger, and better furnished apartment. For the first 2 months the internet was really buggy in that it would cut out for 1-120 min 5-10 times a day. If you called to complain they would tell you to restart your computer and when that didn't work they would say they were working on it. While this really sucked I prefered it over what came next.

A couple weeks ago this email was sent out to all tennets.

"2- As you know we have been having some problems with our internet

service. After extensive research and troubleshooting we pin pointed the

problem to a number of people abusing our bandwidth by having their

computers function as servers for P2P purposes such as uploading music and

or videos etc. We have taken two steps to correct the situation. First is

that we bought a piece of equipment (after some trial and error with another

piece of equipment that claimed it could solve the problem but could not)

that will act as a kind of internet usage policeman. While it will allow the

people using P2P to continue doing so, it will assign the lowest priority to

them and will take bandwidth away from them and give it to people who are

doing web browsing and other normal usage."

While the email claims to still allow P2P, fuctionly it doesn't work anymore. I've tried every encryption setting in utorrent as well as bit comet and aszuerus. None of these work anymore. I can sometimes connect to trackers and rarely peers/seeds but never get to upload or download anything.

I've also tried using a program called Http-Tunnel though I don't know exactly how it works or what it does. It does help a bit but more so with uploading than downloading.

Anyone have any idea on what else I can do?

Don't know ISP

949/297 Kbps via dslreports.com

No router on my end

TCP/IP unpatched

Windows Firewall

AVG Anti-virus

Default Utorrent settings

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Quite likely, you're sharing the internet ip with more than 1 person in your apartment -- so you're likely firewalled-by-default in a way that cannot be unfirewalled. However that pales in comparison to the likely conclusion that you already reached:

Whoever's "providing" internet to your apartment ...just shut off a large portion of it.

And there's really not much you can do about it.

Except move.

They violated their own leash agreement.

But companies like that love to include..."subject to change without notice."

You noticed.

...Pray the deal does not change again.

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