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Sygate Personal Firewall Utorrent Settings Help


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Anyone who's using Sygate Personal Firewall here?

Just curious what the correct settings would be

Including UDP/Ports/Protocols Etc settings

There seems to be a persistent yellow triangle on Utorrent's status indicator

And when I check the ports it says that Port xxxxxx does not appear to be open.

I am using a 768 kbps DSL connection

Also all used 2 be fine before, and before I didnt use to disable windows xp firewall

Yesterday no torrent would download, earlier I tried to disable WinXp firewall

It seems Sygate is blocking incoming connections. Pls help me

Speeds randomly go up & down but most often they stay at 10kb max or even 5.

*Edit I tried adding the port utorrent uses to sygates rules list under Advanced rules->Allow->

Remote Host->Allow>

Ports & Protocols UDP -> I put the current port utorrent is using here

Traffic Incoming

Local -> What Do I Put here?

Yet persistent Yellow triangle still and when I chekc if the port is forwarded in the speed guide

It says the port does not appear to be open

I would greatly appreciate it


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