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REFERER field in HTTP request


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Many thanks for fast and small client.

I realized that some servers and trackers do not return torrent file to uTorrent when adding torrent from URL in uTorrent.

With network protocol analyzer I found that when adding torrent from URL uTorrent does not create REFERER field in HTTP request that is required by some servers/trackers.

uTorrent does the HTTP request with the following structure:

GET /path/to/the/file.torrent HTTP/1.1
Host: very.cool.host.some.where
User-Agent: uTorrent/1600
Accept-Encoding: gzip

Can you add REFERER filed to the request?

For example, if URL of a torrent file is


you can use http://very.cool.site.com/ as a value of the REFERER field.

Or you might add an additional option in configuration settings named "Create referer field automatically" allowing user to choose wether to use this feature or not.

Good luck and let the inspiration be always with you!

P.S. I'm using WinXP and uTorrent 1.6 (build 474).

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Indeed, that's been requested on IRC before, but it doesn't hurt to have a more permanent home for the request here. This feature request would solve issues with grabbing .torrent files from certain RSS feeds that started looking for referrers (mininova reportedly being one such index site).

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I don't think it's a good idea. The sites are obviously checking referrers for a reason - probably to stop this exact feature from working. If µT were to spoof the referrer, then they'd probably ban the µT user agent. And spoofing the UA is not a good idea IMO.

So my recommendation would just be to deal with it - find another torrent site, or download the torrents manually.

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