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Getting RSS Downloader Working


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I have read through the tutorial on using the RSS Downloader it unfortunately hasn't helped me much

I am currently trying to automate the process of downloading non-copyrighted material from bitmetv

Using this feed: http://www.bitmetv.org/rss.php?feed=dl&cat=*category number*&passkey=*passkey number*

obviously i've removed my personal settings for that feed here but they are correct for utorrent

I have added the feed in Feeds

then in favourites I have added a new filter for this feed and enter the episode number (eg. 7) into the filter box

as well as the save in directory

I have left everything else blank as sometimes it doesnt match the episode number if I enter it into that box

it updates the feed every 15 mins which I can see in releases

and sometimes it adds the torrent to history and sometimes it doesnt

however in either case it adds the torrent to history but doesnt actually start downloading it

now the feed is setup for direct download and 'no cookies' but do I still need to enter a cookie ID or what ?

this is utterly confusing me and I can't seem to get it right

hope someone can help me !

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I hope this is acceptable. This is not an answer but a similar plea for help. Rather than start a new thread for a similar problem, I would like to 'join in'.

I also am trying to set up an RSS download but do not even get the files started let alone added to the history. The only files in history are the files I manually started by right click and open from the releases tab.

the following screen shots are for one show. What is wrong/missing?




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