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very very slow speed on broadband connection


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Hey sorry for butting in...but i get same problem, heres my info

ISP is Optus Cable

9.9Mb/s (Down) : 256kb/s (Up)

Speed testing: 9Mb/s (down) : 242kb/s (up)

settings used in speed guide are connection type: 192

advanced settings changed:

net.max_halfopen: 40

peer.lazy_bitfield: true

peer.disconnect_inactive_interval: 600

and various other changes used from guide posted in these forums...

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try Speed Guide (CTRL+G) and use the xx/256k setting.

Reduce half-open max in µTorrent back to 8.

You may have a massive download theoretical max, but on BitTorrent your upload is of great importance...and you don't have much of that! It costs download+upload bandwidth for each connection your computer attempts and just to retain existing ones.

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500 KB/sec is not bad, even if your connection in theory could/should go faster. Not many people have ISPs that throttle BT to just 500 KB/sec. :P

It may be because of the very limited upload bandwidth...if your end cannot respond quickly enough to ask "send more!", then the other end quits uploading as fast...thinking you're overloaded. This isn't as big a problem downloading from a website, since you're only downloading from probably 1 ip at a time. But having to reply "send more!" to 30+ ips at once is more difficult.

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