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When torrent has reached seeding goal


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I noticed you got the option to limit upload speeds when a seeding torrent has reached a certain criteria. However, I would like to have the ability to override this when my global upload speed is below a certain level.

So "When torrent has reached seeding goal" ---> "Limit upload speed to: [xx]" ---> "Unless global upload is below: [xx]"

I know this might complicate things, but if those torrents that have met the criteria, and is currently overriding the limit set in "limit upload speed to: [xx]" is automatically given a lower priority than the torrents that have not yet met the criteria, I think it might be doable.

The reason i want this is simply to maximize the use of my somewhat limited upload capasity. It's what makes torrents tick.

If you feel this will in any way bloat the proggie, ignore this :)

(Havent said this yet, so: Thanks alot for making this marvel of a BT client!!)

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This is what i miss too.. I have µTorrent set up so when i certain ratio the torrent speed lowers ( so others get a chance) BUT when all torrents have reached the certain goal or the speed is below a certain level i would like to override those settings!!

Did that make sense??

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