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"Offline (timed out)" for all my torrents after about 30min


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they're definitely good torrents from a very reliable tracker. the numbers're probably too small on the graphs but i was getting about 700kB/s to 1MB/s downstream on some torrents, from about 50+ peers. i'm using utorrent 1.77 and so are most of the peers i'm connected to on that tracker.

as i mentioned before i was wondering if this could be a result of some problems with my harddisk. this fluctuation occurred when there was no other programme using any significant bulk of the connection other than utorrrent. it could have been the isp, but i don't think my isp shapes torrent traffic in any significant amounts.

in any case, this fluctuation has been gone for a good number of days now, i think after i restarted utorrent a few times and patched tcp/ip but left half open conn at 8, as well as turn on and off cfosspeed. i also used jkdefrag on my hdds.

i'm not sure if my following question pertains to torrenting, but it does to me in this context, seeing as how the entire 500gb harddisk is used for torrents. when i go to windows defragmentation for this harddisk, the analysis bar is 80% red, meaning almost the whole disk is fragmented. i've tried defragmenting, but the result is the same, which should not be the case. is there any explanation for this?

and thanks, switeck, u've been very patient with my questions.

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