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how to download from swarm????


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ok this is some details

my utorrent is working fine .

but i am struck on file, which have swarm only... so how can i download from them..

seed: 0 of 2 (1 swarm)

peers 1 of 1 (3 swarm)

so how can i get it from the swarm so i can complete my files

force download isnt working..

netiher is outgoing protocol encryption

so any idea on how i can download

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You just have to be patient. There's only 1 seed in the swarm - that means that only 1 person has a full copy of the file.

Hope that that 1 person stays on the torrent, and eventually you'll connect to them (or the peer that you're currently connected to will finish the file, and become a seed).

It's certainly not a "healthy" torrent though, so I'd say you're unlikely to finish the file.

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