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How is priority determined?


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Hello all, I have just switched from Azureus to µ, and have some questions.

First, I have 6 torrents which are incomplete/still downloading, and have set µ to run 5. I don't understand why it is running numbers 1 2 3 4 and 6. I have moved the one in #6 to the botttom because there is no seed, and hope the seed will return, but µ insists on running it. I don;t want to pause it, because if something above it finishes, it should run, but I don't know why it's not queued.

Similarly, I have no idea how it is picking the order in which things are seeding. I have it set to run 9 maximum, with 5 downloads, but I'm currently running 10 with 5 downloads, and there seems to be no control over the order of torrents in the completed list. I have some torrents which I created and am still seeding out, as well as old ones which I reseed if needed. I am concerned that I will not be able to seed the files which need to be seeded, without actually stopping or removing some of the torrents.

I switched because I had heard that µ was less of a memory and cpu hog than Az, but if I cannot manage my queues, I may have to switch back.

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Downloading priority is by default based on moment they were added. If you can download 5 torrents at the same time the moment you add number 6 it will be queued. However you can change the priority with the 'move up' and 'move down' options in the r-click menu of a torrent.

Seeding is based on a combination of things. Most importantly seems to be the ratio. The lower the ratio the higher priority it gets in seeding. If you have max seeding at 5 torrents it'll start seeding the 5 torrents with the lowest ratio and Queued Seed the rest. However it will keep seeding even if the ratio of the torrent raises above the rest. I think it'll stop and put it back on Queued Seed when it reaches a ratio of more then 1 (finishing active pieces which will cause it to go to up to 1.02). It will then start seeding the Queued Seed with the lowest ratio. This is based on personal experience though. Maybe that one of the staff knows the exact way its determined.

You can always Force-Seed (again r-click the torrent) a torrent you want seeding and µtorrent will start more seeds automatically if you are not uploading near the cap.

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