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Absolute n00b.. one 100% downloaded.. what next?


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I have read:

"This forum is NOT for help.... content is strictly FORBIDDEN."

Therefore to put this is politely as possible I am not asking for help with the downloaded content, but the function of uTorrent.

I have read as much about it as I can understamd, which is probably limited as I am not good with computers.

I have allowed a torrent to download to 100% and it has seeded, yet I do not understand WHAT it is that I have downloaded. As in, have I downloaded some sort of media file, [this is not an illegal source by the way, it is a legal unsigned band] or am I yet to aquire a media file? If I have aquired a media file, what do I do with it?

If that very last question breaks the rules then any help with the previous questions would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

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The content of the torrent is made by the creator of the .torrent file. Not only can't we help you, we simply don't know the answer to your question because µtorrent can be used to download pretty much anything.

It would be about the same as asking a USB-stick production company about data someone placed on your stick when you lend it to him/her.

Your best chance is going back to the source of the .torrent file and ask them. The rule isn't just there for keep µtorrent clean from any illegal activity. Its because we don't know the answer to 90% of those questions and they clutter the forum and take time away from those people who can and are willing to help with problems we can solve.

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Click on the torrent you've downloaded, then click the "Files" tab. That will show you all the files that were included in the torrent you downloaded. If you already have a player set up for the media you've downloaded, double-clicking a filename will open it in that player.

Past that, uTorrent does not deal with anything other than raw data, like others have said. If the above instructions don't work, talk to the people you downloaded the files from and see what software you need to install to play what you've downloaded.

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