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Bad routers


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I have a befsr41 v2 router with the latest firmware, 1.46.2 dated 8/30/2004

I of course, have been plagued with frequent disconnects. I've read over the FAQ many times….


I believe the befsr41 router is a pretty popular router, although I'm sure not too many people still have a v2. I was just wondering if other people with this router have had any success preventing the router from dying or if anyone has any other suggestions to try before the obvious answer of buying a new router.

I turned off UPNP in router/xp/utorrent.

Turn off resolving of hostnames in the peer list

Set the max number of connections to 90

Disabled DHT

I was still experiencing problems so I

lowered net.max_halfopen to 4

lowered bt.connect_speed to 10

Currently I'm leeching 2 torrents with less then 50 active peers total.

And I currently don't have a port forwarded for incoming connections (I normally do but just one less then to rule out at the moment.) so all the connections are outgoing.

After making the last two adjustments in the advanced section, I noticed on one occasion I got

** disk overload 100% **

and the torrents stopped for a minute or so and then resumed as normal. The drive is a seagate 7200.10 400gb 16mb cache SATA2, so doubt the problem lies there.

I suppose I could lower max number of connections more but, seeing as how only 50 peers were available with my current torrents, setting it to 50 would have the same effect and lowering it much more then that kinda seems futile.(total connections going through the router by all users/application easily less then 70)

Anyways aside from the obvious 'buy a new router', anyone have any suggestions, comments, or stories related to the befsr41 they'd like to share?

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