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µTorrent and unauthorised firewall access


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After I shut down µTorrent, it continues to attempt to access my internet connection. It is not listed in the processes (as far as I can see) and it tries repeatedly for up to a minute at a time.

As far as I'm concerned, there's no reason WHY it should try to do this. If I shut down a piece of software, I expect it to shut down and stop doing whatever it was doing. I actually block it in the firewall for the time being.

Can someone shed some light or provide a logical reason why µTorrent should behave in this fashion? It's an otherwise excellent piece of software but this causes my eyebrows to raise somewhat.

Apologies if this is repost, but I feared searching for 'µTorrent' and 'Firewall' would have me here for a fortnight....

Many thanks in anticipation of your responses.


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