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Hash keeps failing


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I`m running an ADSL connection through an ethernet card modem.

A few days ago I had some problems with my computer and had to format the HD

and reinstall WinXP (home, sp2).

Ever since then, every file i try to download through torrents (this happens in Utorrent but

also in other programs, also happened in every torrent file i tried), the downloads cannot exceed

0.1% or so. The hash files keep failing.

In one torrent the hash files were 1mb and it just failed over and over. In another it was a 4mb and every

3-5 hashes they would all fail.

I have the windows firewall on but I have made sure to open the ports I`m using, also the test in Utorrent

to see if it`s opened showed everything being alright. Also I`m getting very good speeds with most of them

but still, the hashes fail.

If anyone has any idea what might be the source of this problem, I would appreciate any help.

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