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romanian translation needed - help


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It is an idiom, largely improperly used, but people like it because of its diversity of meanings.

The proper meaning is: I am making a little soup.

The meaning in context largely depends on the context itself: if it's about computers, it could be a synonim for "loading...".

In a conversation like:

"how are you?"

"fac ciorbitza"

the meaning of "fac ciorbitza" is equivalent to "dicking around", "just as usual". It has no real information inside it.

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dojimann, I'm sorry but that's not 100% correct. there's a big difference between the soup (supă) and the ciorba (ciorbă). the first one (soup) is called so becouse of its lightleness (don't know if I spelled that one correct but I meant this: it's light ). It's usually made of some carrots and noodles. The lightest soup is the Chimen Soup (Supă de chimen). Chimen in romanian does not mean in englih cinammon. cinammon is called in romanian scorţişoară (scortzishoara). The proper name for chimen in english i don't know. Now for the ciorba: the ciorba is more dense. It's usually made of many vegetables and most of the time meat. the Meatball Ciorba is called Ciorbă de Perişoare (in which the perishoare are the meatballs). There are many types of ciorbe (romanian plural, I don't know the plural for ciorba in english, sorry). The Ciorba Tzaraneasca (Ciorbă Ţărănească) is a traditional corba, made of eggs, vegetables and some pork. It may sound grose, but is the best ciorba that I've ever tasted.

For an exaple of such expression as fac ciorbitza (the real word ciorbitza is ciorbă), would go ma epilez (mă epilez is correctly), in which case that person is so borred, that it hits you with this annoing answer. In fact, he or she is upset or not in mood to be disturbed. any more help, find it from the source (me). and now, I will salute you in both ways.

Hello from Romania says Sebi - english Vă salută din România Sebi - romanian.

Glad to be helpful (Mă bucur ca v-am fost de ajutor)

Ultima, I really need some help on this: what on earth means peer excange? I believe it's this: if I have say an upload of 2 kb/second, that means that those 2 kb will be some peer's download? this is in case the peer excange is activated. If is deactivated, what happent's?

Again I appoligise for any grammar or spelling mistakes. Please be understanding. Thanks. Good Night from Transilvania (really)

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