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problems with internet explorer and firefox


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ok first of all, sry for my english.

i'm using uTorrent for one week now nad now i have a problem.

everytime i start it, i can't use the internet explorer and firefox. firefox wont start an the internet explorer starts, but he can't load any page.

ok thanks for help

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I have exactly the same problem (I use uTorrent for 2 Year), all other program runing good, only IE and FireFox doesn't work, but only for regular pages, if I open a HTTPS page it works. The problem persistseven if i close uTorrent, only restart (ShutDown) resolved this problem

I think it is a port problem, because HTTPS use other port that HTTP (80, 8080, 3127,3128) I don't know how to verify open ports in WinXP

Thank You

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