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Upload speed problems


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I always use Utorrent for all my torrent files, and normally it works perfect for me.

But since two weeks, my upload speeds are dropping to almost 0kB/s.

I have tried a lot of different well seeded and well downloaded torrents, but with every torrent my upload s*cks.

Normally when i see a torrent with more then 100 downloaders, i can upload at almost full speed, but now i cannot, not even when there are 500 people that are downloading the torrent.

For example, i was seeding a torrent with 500 peers, but i only connected to 10-15 of those people.

Normally i would be connected to more then 200 peers.

This happens with all torrents, also the ones with a lot of peers.

I already tried to uninstall/install Utorrent, but it doesn't make any difference.

I also tried different numbers in the TCP patch but also that did not do anything.

I hope someone can help me out with this.

Here is some extra info:

- EVERYTHING you've tried so far

Read the txt above

- Operating system installed (Windows XP, 2000, ME, 98, 95, NT? Something else?)

Windows XP Pro SP2

- Security software installed (firewall, antivirus, antispyware, antiadware)

Firewall: Sygate Personal Firewall Pro

Antivirus: AVG 7.5

Antispyware: Hitman Pro

- Exact router model(s), and exact modem model

No router

- ISP (Internet Service Provider) being used

Chello Broadband Internet 20/2 MBps (speedtests are normal)

- Connection type (DSL, cable, dial-up)


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When downloading i always have a green status light, but when uploading it sometimes goes yellow, and after a while it goes green again.

The modem i am using is a Arris TM502B which i recently got from my provider because the other one was not suitable for my 20/2 MBps connection.

After installing that modem my speeds were superb, but the last 1-2 weeks the download is good, but the uploads sucks.

I already tried different ports, because i thought my ISP was blocking them, but then again the download speed would s*ck too if they blocked the port.

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Problem is that 2 weeks ago, i could upload at good high speeds 24/7.

And i know that Chello throttles our connections, but than i would have noticed it much earlier.

Does that throttling work at 1 port, or does it work on all ports, so that it is a waste of time to change ports for me?

But what i don't get, is that when i am uploading files to for example Rapidshare, i still reach high speeds.

Also the enable/disable the options you mentioned also has no effect on the speeds... :(

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I have been having the same problem for about two weeks. I have comcast high speed. My normal up speed is 40 kB/s, now it's down to almost nothing. I just hit 600kB/s download, but upload in nothing. My ports are forwarded correctly. I don't know what to do. Any help would be appriciated

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@Masterlijk: I'm with Switeck on this one... It sounds a lot like ISP hard-throttling to me. Also, even if you were transferring at good speeds just a minute ago (hypothetically...) you could get crap speeds the next. If your ISP is like any other "normal" ISP, then they gave themselves the right to alter services and such in the terms of service.

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If forced potocol encryption + no legacy connections + peer.lazy_bitfield=true doesn't work...there's likely nothing µTorrent itself can do to "defeat" the throttling.

A very good proxy connection might work, but those tend to cost money -- and they often leave you permanently firewalled in µTorrent due to how they work...so the end result might be almost as bad (or worse for slight throttling) than before.

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Is it also possible that the low upload is due to the low peers my utorrent is connecting to?

I am asking this because in the screen i am connected to 6 peers and now my upload speed was slightly higher, but i seems that it does not want to connect to more peers.

More peers is more speed, or am i wrong here?

Also i noticed that it takes a while before the network status light is going green when uploading.

If i am going to download, the light almost instantly turns green.

And i still don't get the fact that when my ISP is throttling torrents, my download speeds are almost superb, and my upload isn't.

If a ISP is throttling, shouldn't that on both down and upload?

Sorry if i am a pain in the ass, but i keep having the feeling that somewhere a setting is wrong, and that that might be the cause of my problems.

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I think my problem is with my isp. I did a speed test online and my dowload speed is 600 kB/s, but my upload test would not finish. Surfing the web has also been slow lately. My browser seems to hang up on "sending request to". Pages load but some never finish. What could be my problem? I would like to be able to fix this without having a comcast tech come out.

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This program's is pretty bad for upload speed, only used it becuase I couldn't download one torrent with bittornado because of a fault with the torrent. Tried downloading 6 torrents usually get 60KBps upload speed and with this programs I am lucky to get 30KBps. That means I'm losing half of my upload!! At that rate my ratio would be well below 1 in a matter of days.

Tried also changing all the settings nothing worked, you shouldn't have to change settings, it should just work.

There's better programs out there than this where you will get full upload speeds. Find them, if your not bothered about giving back what you take I suppose it's a good client.

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I get really horrid upload speeds myself whenever the number of peers is low and my upload slots are set to less than 4. From time to time, I am trying to upload apparetly to only the really slow peers. :(

Even having use more upload slots if upload speed <90% doesn't always help.

...yet starting one very busy torrent and the upload speed goes right back to max within a minute.

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