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Bt broadband are rubbish


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ok.i have posted b4 regarding my download speeds.was only downloading at 30Kb/s

now however im downloading at 15Kb/s.

running win xp

avg anti virus

windows firewall

bt homehub router(which is 3 months old)

all ports are opened(using ports 10000-10010)

hard drive has been formatted so its to factory settings

have been speaking to bt everynight 4 the last 8 days for about an hour a night(on hold mostly)

they say the line is fine but im not convinced.they are probably throttling the connection

have been trying to cancel the contract,but cause they havent deemed it as faulty,i cant.

have read numerous forums regarding problems with bt

but none that has really been resolved

any1 else having these probs???

p.s...used to download at 170Kb/s

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OMG, I feel your pain, brother!

Recently I moved to a place with BT Home Hub, (residential Package), I think its an 8 or 10 meg connection.

Things were alright speed-wise, but then I tried to forward a few ports for torrent optomisation, (I have been messing with home networks for a while now) on the Hub maintenance page.

After that, i was only getting 30kb/s max downloads. This is btw, for my wireless connection upstairs.

SO, I checked the downstairs torrent setup,(connected to hub via ethernet) and lo and behold, they are now stuck at the same max speed. I even tried Limewire, which I have always found to be easy to setup and pretty fast for well seeded things, but that is even stuck at 30!

I have messed with Utorrent setting, I even changed torrent client to AZ, but no dice. I removed all forwarded ports, reverted both PCs back to Dynamic IPs (as with these setting i was getting OK speeds), but now it is still stuck at the 30kb/s dl speed. I even restored the Hub back to factory settings, but it is still slow.

I can download things from th net at blistering speeds, but now all P2P cliensts are slow.

I have a sneaking feeling BT may be up to something, but like yourself, I have found no resolution, and beleive me, I'm not one to give up on this kind of thing!

Everything looks green on AZ, Utorrent, LW, but all capped at 30.

Please help guys, I am about to start a job in Broadband support, and I would just go in ther feeling WRONG if this was unresolved!

Me sad.

Merged double post(s)


3ghz processor

Win XP sp2

Wireless card for 1, ethernet for other PC

All hardware updated regularly

(plus my configuration was sweet-as on Telewest 2meg!)

EDIT by silverfire: The edit function exists for a reason. Double posting instead of editing is negligent and unnecessary.

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Sry for the double-post thing!

No, I am most of the time the only person using the internet in the house, let alone downloading.

For some reason, the speeds are still lower than they should be on paper, but go from either being 30 or 100kb/s max....strangely, not anywhere in-between.

I have spent much £ talking to 'technical advisors' in BTs wonderful call centres in India, whith no real success.

I am not hugely convinced at BT as an ISP, as I have been unable to play Battllefield 2 or Counter Strike Source etc, as well as the whole downloads thing, though I must obviously look at my own human error first....

Original poster, any joy so far?

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I'm with BT, with the BT homehub. And yes, it is crap

I dont have a problem with the D/L speed too much, however I do find that in peak times, as expected, my downloads will hardley ever reach over 40Mbps, until about 23:30 when they will rocket upto full speed.

I have a 1meg line and can download at 110kbps through the night.

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OK, ongoing BT problems.

1st problem; Billing.

I regged for a line rental for my main home number and unlimited phone calls for my hub phone. Though they have charged us 80£ this month for the phone alone. We dont use the line rental one for any phone calls, just incoming calls. We dial everything on our mobiles or the hub phone. We'll see what happens at the time of billing.

2nd problem; the hub.

It randomly resets throughout the day (makes a loud clicking noise then everything resets). Hopefully I'll get a replacement one.

3rd problem; internet.

I subscribed for 8MBit speed, having checked the speed test I can goto 8mb. Maximum I've gone is 5mb. Though recently its gone down to 3mb loads. Also, I seem to timeout lots, like someone has just unplugged the internet cable through the back of the home hub. This stops downloads, disconnects me from irc, and timeouts me in any games (I've tried different leads, different filters, connecting it straight from the main home filter aswell. Useless). Also, im having to explain to tech support the basics of the internet.

Im seriously considering leaving BT. Though I need a stable british broadband provider (and cheaper then BT).

Oh, and I've been onto support/billing/help/tech about 15 times in total. They havent solved a single problem, except when my internet went down for a week.

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Ok, with my package (3rd option) the "unlimited" calls as BT claim are a flat lie really, It seems my calls are only free to landlines (obvious really) and only for the first hour. If I hung up and redialled every hour, I would be fine.

My hub frequently resets itself, normally when two or more pcs are active, no clicking, just resetting.

As far as the internet goes, speed does depend on many things (I'm def not an expert here!) but I think distance from the exchange, time of day, etc, however, the decrease you show is nothing like I've seen before.

As for their tech support, you would be better off talking to a monkey, they tried telling me that my pc wasnt good enough to run their crappy software that I didnt even install when I encountered problems with my broadband, then it was "a conflict of programs" ????

For differant providers try reading up on adslguide.org

Alot of my friends have gone to namesco due to excellent customer service and reliable connections.

Hope this helps :D

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Hi, I'm new here so apologies for re-opening such an old thread.

I've been a customer of BT for about 8 months and not had many problems - slow connection, hub resetting, Bt vision box not recording etc - but not too much until the last week. I've been unable to connect to the internet, the hub appears to disable my LAN connection randomly and it means (after messing around for days) that I have to reset the Hub to factory settig, restart my PC and then fiddle around with my usb cable to connect. It's a completely 'suck it and see' approach to reconnecting, just have to mess around for ages to try and reconnect.

I've been on the phone to BT for days, and they won't accept I have a problem with my Hub - I know I have an ethernet problem so they keep blaming that, but I've always been able to connect using my previous ISP's to the net even with this problem.

So..onto my real question - has anyone had this problem with BT? I spoke to someone in work and I have been using uTorrent for the first time for a few weeks, so he suggested BT could be cutting my connection due to my use of uTorrent? Is this true? If so is there a way I can change my uTorrent settings to stop BT seeing I'm using it? It's not as if I'm using it illegally, only used it for some old comedy podcasts and a BBC comedy series.

Any help would be gratefully recieved!


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