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Drop in Upload Speeds in Bittornado when utorrent is started


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I have noticed that the upload speeds of the other client that I use (BitTornado 0.3.7), drop dramatically when I start utorrent (1.6 b. 474), even though utorrent is not uploading that much.

The problem disappears as soon as I stop utorrent.

The setting I use are:

Global Max Upload Rate: 6

Global Max Download Rate: 0

Enable upnp is checked out.

Global max connections: 100

Max no. of connected peers: 40

No. of upload slots: 1

DHT & Peer Exchange enabled.

Max. no. of active torrents/active downloads: both 50

The OS used is Win MCE SP2.

I'd be grateful if the experienced members could help me out here.


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I'll try reducing the no. of active downloads (I've reduced it to 25), & get back if it helps. The reason for using 2 clients is that I personally like using BT for uploading & downloading from private trackers where the ratio is closely watched & utorrent for other trackers, that are not so stiff with ratios.

That is why I am bothered when BT speed drop in combination with utorrent usage.

I'd appreciate any other opinions too.

Thanks, Ultima.

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I have tried reducing the no. of active torrents, but still utorrent is slowing down the upload speed of the other client. The total of the upload speeds of all applications is reduced to almost half of what it is earlier, as soon as utorrent is started.

Please advise.

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