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Slow.. Very Very Slow


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Hi all

i`m the newbie guy and as so i got a lot of questions so please bear with me (-:

i just downloaded µTorrent yesterday (i was using emule till now) and it`s runing for a day now.

unfortunately it doesn`t exceed the max speed of 25-30kb.

i went through the sticky post by Ultima at the top of the forum also through the faq and

i think i did everything right but hey, i`m new at this so u tell me:

* router: 2Wire HomePortal 1800HW (firmware version 3.5.7)

* Broadband Link Connection Speed:

• Incoming: 2560 kbps

• Outgoing: 256 kbps

* TCPIP.sys already patched for emule.

* port forwarding: done.

* firewall: Kaspersky internet security 6. µTorrent rule "allow any tcp inbound & outbound connection" is set.

* green network status all around

default settings after installation and when i saw the speed is too slow i followed Ultima advices and:

* disabled: DHT, UPnP, IP resolving

* lowered max connections down to 200

* enabled protocol encryption

as for trying popolar torrents for best speed reasults, well i wont name any names due to copyright stuff but lets just say

i`m trying to download the latest episode of a very popolar t.v series about a banch of people crushing on a strange island.

the torrent itself got 9290 seeds and 3064 leechers so i think it safe to say that that`s popolar enough for speed check.

still 25-30kb is the fastest it will go )-:

i have another question about my router (the 2Wire 1800HW), it`s using DHCP by default, should i turn

it off by assigning my device a static i.p address? would that improve the download speed?

please tell me what r the best settings for my bandwidth.


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thank u for the reply Switeck.

settings currently used r:

Number of Connections

Global maximum number of connections: 600

Maximum number of connected peers per torrent: 100

Number of upload slots per torrent: 6

Queue Settings

Maximum number of active torrents (upload or download): 5

Maximum number of active downloads: 5

tried installing utorrent on my wireless device for speed comparison with the same settings and the download speed gets up to 250kb :-0 still on ethernet device (which i need utorrent to run on permanently) it doesn`t pass the 30kb... whats up with that?

both devices has the same firewall software so i dont think its a firewall issue.

didnt quite get how to try torrent from openoffice.com so for testing i`m using sites that my friends recommended like:





still very slow speed on my ethernet device ... any ideas?

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