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Bypassing proxy with WebUI?


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I've been using microTorrent for awhile and I was very satisfied with it! So thanks for making it! ;)

But the thing is... our Network administrator applied very strict rules to catch any p2p traffic and destroy it :( ... so uTorrent isn't working for me anymore... So I thought maybe WebUI could help me... because traffic encryption that's implemented in uTorrent doesn't do any good...

The question is:

Whether WebUI is any different than uTorrent client speaking in terms of how proxy recognizes the data it sends? Because if proxy recognized uTorrent traffic as "website browsing" or "secure website browsing" then I think it would allow data to pass...

I'm not very good in networks, so please don't blame me if what I'm speaking about is wrong...

and if WebUI isn't capable in doing such things right now... maybe there's a plan to implement it in the future? :/


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