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Can't seed using Utorrent - Need some guidance


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I've recently downloaded Utorrent and I've noticed that whenever a download is completed, it stops uploading immediately. Apparently, I cannot seed unless I'm downloading something. I've gone several times over the preference settings but couldn't find the cause. Currently my settings are:

Unchecked 'Prevent stand-by if there are active torrents'.

Enabled UPnP mapping with global UL of 22kb/s and alternate UL of 44kb/s.

Global max connections: 130

Max number of connected peers: 70

Max upload slots: 3 (Tried 6 and 12 but it didn't solve the problem)

Disabled DHT Network

Seed While Ratio <= 9000% (default: 150)

Max # of active torrents: 2

Max # of active downloads: 1

I've properly forwarded the port I'm using for this client and my connectability is ok, others can easily connect to me. Another weird thing about this is that I can only upload to one peer at the time... When I reach the static point where my ul drops to 0, my dl and ul actually keep hovering between 0-0.9kb/s (stays 0 most of the time), even though the file is 100% complete. What's up with that? How could I possibly fix this?

If any more piece of information is needed, let me know and I'll if I can fetch it. Some -even basic- connection related information are unfortunately beyond my knowledge.

Thanks in advance.

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My ISP is Brasil Telecom

My last speed result was:

462 / 128 (Kbps)

(56.4 / 15.6 KB/sec)

Compared to the average of 52 tests from brasiltelecom.net.br:

* download is 50% worse, upload is 47% worse

As for the Protocol Encryption, where can I see that? I remember seeing it somewhere but I can't find it anymore.

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If repeated tests say you only have ~15-16 KB/sec upload bandwidth, then it does no good to tell µTorrent to upload faster than that.

Perhaps you've been slowed down due to exceeding your monthly bandwidth quota?

Protocol Encryption is in the BitTorrent window of preferances/configuration...at the bottom.

Try enabling it at first and if that doesn't help, FORCE it and disable legacy connections.

...if either one of those works, it's due to your ISP throttling unencrypted BitTorrent traffic.

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