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DHT Green, Ports Forwarded Manual Ok, Checked Upload Rate, Slow Still.


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Hope you can help please.... My torrents are downloading sometimes slow / intermittant.

I have manually port forwarded and made exception rule in the firewall. If I run the test on Utorrent Port Test it's all good.

I have set the upload limit to a sensible limit.... 2mb download / 256k upload so I have picked a setting with a 22k upload....

I still struggle to get anything downloading above 2kps ( sometime randomly it will download at 10kps )

My ISP is Tiscali UK

I (Think) I have upnp running ok on system with Upnp Test Passing ok. ( Checked my services etc and firewall exceptions ), Utorrent does not map ok though...

Any Ideas....?


Further Information, OS Vista RC1, Belkin F5D7633-4Av1 ( DSL + Wireless HUB ), Intel Pro 2200 Wi-Fi. CA Associates Anti-Virus, Windows Based Firewall + Normal Router ( NAT ) Firewall.

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