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Download going at 230kb? But not.


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I will start all the way from the beginning seeing as im here for this help.

A few months ago I was upgraded to 8mb broadband, and I was getting torrent speeds of about 600kb/s. This then stopped happening and I was recieving a max of 250kb/s on uTorrent, but when I downloaded from say rapidshare, I could get up to 700kb/s. This started happening after one day when I was downloading at 400kb/s and then the router was switched off. Didn't know what the problem was, and ignored it.

Now I cannot avoid this problem, because my speeds are stuck at 540kb/s max. I cannot explain it, because all I did was turn off uTorrent and restart my pc. When I came back on the speeds dropped alot, and I presumed it was because I lost connections with seeds and peers, but it isn't. I have checked my router status and it says 6500kb/s incoming (as it usually does, even did it at the same times as aboves weirdness) but I was only getting approximatly 200kb/s on a speed test, even though its usually 500kb/s.

Here is a screenie, see the darker green line? What is that?! It is taking 200kb/s from me!


Sorry if my explaination is confusing, ask questions if you need to. I just really want my internet back and working :(

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