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Choose files on torrent open


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When opening torrents containing large numbers of files, and you only want some of the files it is more convienient to choose which files you want before you actually start downloading the torrent (a la BitComet).

Perhaps a entry in the file menu labeled something like "Add torrent (choose files)". This way the default action is just to download all files without prompting but it is also possible to choose the files before starting to download.


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yeah this is indeed a great feature and it's the one stopping me from swithching to utorrent. can't wait to see it implemented ;)

to all those saying this is already covered by going to the files tab and select do not download i have to say: not true. first of all the way this is implemented in bitcomet is far more practical (select all, unselect...). more importantly though bitcomet only needs as much space on the hdd as ONLY the files you have selected to download need and not like utorrent or azureus which still need space for the complete torrent even if you only select a 100kb file out of a 5gb torrent (try deleting those dummy not-to-be-downloade files that azureus makes and it stops working giving an error, while bitcomet is more robust and doesn't care at all about any other files except for those it is actually downloading or seeding = much better obviously). oh yeah bitcomet does so even though i have "allocate disk space before downloading" activated, so that's not the solution either.

other than that utorrent is great and i cant wait to switch over completely, keep up the good work :)

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