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No green circle


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I have a yellow triangle on the bottom of my utorrent.

However I am still able to connect to seeds and DL files at like a total of 40kb at times.

I am almost positive that I did the static IP address thing, patch, and Port forwarding correctly(done them each like 4 times)

What am I missing. The yellow triange says no incoming connections and when I use the speed guide and test if my port has been forwarded correctly it says NO.

I followed the directions to port forward exactly. I dont get it. Thanks

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dell 2300 with norton internet security and xp

if you look at this thread


I seem to be running into the same issues he was with comcast. Its just so confusing, I wake up today to see how my DLing went and I'm flyin at like 230 kb's with the yellow triangle (thats with seeding 3 torrents). then I start adding some new torrents cuz so many got done over night (still only 2 DLing at a time) and I'm down to 5kb's with a red circle.

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