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Wireless router speed problems, some help please :)


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Ok I have a spinky belkin router (F5D7231-4) connected to a ten meg cable connection. I've just reset all the router settings and reconfigured it. My computer connects via a lan cable to the router, the other 2 computers connect via the wireless.

My computer = utorrent working perfectly, green light on port forwarded, always connects incredibly fast.

The other computers = port forwarded correctly, only download 50k/s, usually slower. BUT internet and http downloading work perfectly.

uPnp enabled in utorrent on MY computer and on the router

Things i've tried that didn't work

On the other computers, the ports have been manually forwarded (tcp + udp)and check out fine (green tick), turning off uPNP makes no difference to the speed.

Tried changing the port forwarded, no difference

Putting the other computers in the DMZ, no difference in speed

Turning on/off NAT

Static ips (no difference)

What am I missing? or does bittorrent just not work over wireless?

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