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5 - 10 kB/s downloads on broadband


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Hi there,

I've had a good read through this section before posting, but I'm still having no luck.

Ok, so here's my info:

Windows XP

Zone Alarm and AVG professional

D-Link DSL 302g Modem/Router (I think it's both?)

My ISP is Xtra in New Zealand

My download/upload speeds are 2500k/128k

My torrents are all running between 5 and 10 kB/s, I've even tried the Open Office one and that got to 25 ish, but averaged out at about 18. I've got Protocol Encryption on, peer.lazy_bitfield is enabled, and I've forwarded port number 32459 and am getting a green light.

Any ideas? If you need any more info let me know, as I'm dying to get this sorted!

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I've got 6.0.6. The ISP throttling sounds feasible, seeing as they've just changed all of their plans, and that I am now on an uncapped data plan. However, doesn't turning the protocol encryption on alleviate this problem? Sorry if I'm asking dumb questions, I'm not exactly a computer wiz!


And also, if the throttling can't be worked around, how do I find out a port that's not restricted, something like the one that some ISP called Rogers has for their phone calling?

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I have indeed. I just had a quick word with the people at my ISP, and apparently there have been "Issues" with download speeds on the new plan that I am on, which they are hoping to rectify within a week. Would this explain why some port check websites are not recognising the port as open, or is that a separate problem I need to be worried about?

I appreciate the help so far!

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