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Bypass BT Throttle functions/Encryption


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I'll second that. Stuck in Malaysia with a monopolistic ISP (Telekom Malaysia). They're trying to save on buying more overseas bandwidth and have installed hardware that can throttle encrypted torrents. Data transfers at high speed amongst local peers on that ISP's network, but is severely throttled when the torrent client tries to transfer from offshore clients.

Malaysian BT users are screwed at the moment, because we really don't have any other choices for ISPs.

Hope you guys can come up with a solution to torrent throttling soon...!

P.S. Emule protocol obfuscation (0.47c) seems to bypass the traffic shapers, and users have reported good speeds with this software whilst torrent speeds are totally dead. I'm not sure how emule encryption/obfuscation is different from utorrent encryption that it defeats the shaping hardware but perhaps the utorrent team might want to look into it...

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I'm also from Malaysia,

After I encrypted the protocal, my speed back to normal 50-60KB.

My suggestion is try to used common port like port 80(http), 21(ftp), or 443(https)

These port are widely used in the public, so it's hard for ISP for blocking every one of them.

Some may said it's better to used port above 10000, but I'm currently using port 22(SSH) and it's seem to be fine.

Before being encrypted, my connection only get up to 30KB........................=.="

Try to choose the encryption option to "forced", I think it'll be better.

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