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Severely low speeds after upgrade


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- Green light's good to go

- OpenOffice torrent averaging about 12-15kB/s

- Protocol Encryption's enabled

- peer.lazy_bitfield is enabled

- ISP is listed here, but I used to be able to get speeds of up to 50kB/s and now my download speeds are all 0.xkB/s


- WinXP SP2

- ZoneAlarm Free

- Ad-aware, Spybot, Spyware Blaster, AVG Anti-Virus

- Aztech 305E

- TMNet



After I upgraded to 1.6 build 474, the speeds dropped drastically. Before the upgrade, I used to be able to get download speeds of up to 50kB/s. I haven't changed any settings.


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There's no point removing that entry because every time I start up uTorrent, ZA will ask for permission and the entry will just go right back in there.

I think the remove rule thing is only available in ZA Pro. I have ZA Free.

ZA's driving me crazy. What's a better alternative firewall?

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The point of removing the entry is even though it LOOKS correct, there may be something subtly corrupt about it.

The entry may be for an earlier version of µTorrent, with a different filesize and "bit-print" CRC value. The earlier version entry in ZA prevents ZA from accepting the new µTorrent version...and thus you're always firewalled and get lots of blocked packets...some possibly OUTGOING.

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