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My net browsing is fast enough but my UTorrent downloads are slow etc


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This enquiry is a bit about SPEED & also availability of sources from fellow peers.

These are my PC's Specs:


-Pentium 4

-CPU 2.66Ghz


-Physical Address Extension


-XP Professional

-Version 2002


My PC Security Info:

-Bitdefender Internat Security 9 [Anti-Virus & Anti-Spyware but no Firewall]

-AVG7.5 Plus Anti-Virus [no Firewall]

-AVG7.5 Anti-Spyware Plus [no Firewall]

-Windows Firewall but I have allowed UTorrent as an exception [the only Firewall installed is this!]

The above computer is the only one that is connected to broadband in my house. I don't have any other PCs at home, no internal network stuff, etc!

My net connection is broadband 1mb/s via router. The following is the speed test result from my ISP's website:

Description Filesize (KBytes) Time (sec) KBytes per sec Kbits per sec

Download Speed 1025.66 9.9 103.54 828.32

Upload Speed 1025.66 23.26 44.08 352.64

Under Control Panel>Local Area Connection Properties [for my broadband connection]>Advanced, I see the following:

-Allow other network users to connect though this computer's net connection = Unchecked/Unticked

-Allow other networkusers to control or disable the shared net connection = Checked/Ticked but the whole this is GREYED OUT

Under Control Panel>Local Area Connection Properties [for my broadband connection]>General>Activity, I see the following:

-Bytes Send is usually just over twice the Bytes Received

Here are the details of my router:

Billion Router BiPAC5112S

ASDL2+ Modem/Router

I don't know if the router itself got built-in firewall or not!

The ADSL light is usually blinking at a rate of about twice per second. The LAN light however is blinking at a faster rate.

When I joined broadband, the ISP company installed/configured everything for me. There is no username/password for using my net. Just turn on the router & off I go!

I am using my UTORRENT v.1.6.1 beta. My ports are forwarding correctly.

I've already PATCHED my O/S with xp-AntiSpy_setup-english. I changed it from 10 to 40.

Here's some info from Options>Preferences:


-I have to leave "Enable UPnP Prot Mapping" checked (i.e. turn it off) otherwise the Green Node (Network OK) turns Yellow

-Proxy Server= None

-Global Max Upload rate (kb/s) = 80

-Global Max Download rate (kb/s) = 0 [unlimited]


-Global Max No of Connections = 500

-Max No of connected Peers per torrent = 100

-No of upload slots per torrent = 8

-Use additional upload if upload speed <90% = checked/enabled

-Enabled DHT network = UNchecked/DISabled

-Enabled DHT for new torrents = UNchecked/DISabled

-Protocol Encryption = Enabled

-Allow incoming legacy connections = checked/enabled


-Max no of active torrents (U/L or D/L) = 8

-Max no of active downloads = 8

My main problem here is that my net browsing is fast enough but my P2P downloads suck! I usually download about 4-5 torrents simultaneously. I get only about 2.5kbps to 5.0kbps per torrent, sometimes worse! The Total DL of all the torrents is usually like 8kbps, usually no higher than 15kbps.

Other than speed, my problem is the number of peers I can download from per torrent. when I get about 20-30 other peers per torrent, I'm only downloading from about 3-5 of these peers at a time, usually a from a fellow leecher rather than those 100% seeders. Is this normal?

As for my uploads (what other peers get from me), the speed & availability is more or less the same but mostly my uploads are slightly better than downloads in UTorrent.

I've even tried turning off the Anti-Virus/Anti-Spyware stuff, I see no improvement.

Also tried removing splitter (the thing that shares my landline with) & make a direct connection , still no improvement.

I've already updated my router's firmware and my ethernet card driver.

Please advise. IF you need for info, just ask!


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