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Set port forwarding +static IP, wireless connection fails... Help me!


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First, thanks for all the great info one can get here, Ive learned alot!

Ive started to see some connection problems with my Utorrent, download speeds are great when logging on, after a few minutes it just droppes, and I cannot seed cause it states no connection. Also, have a yellow triangle and the port Ive set is not open, this message I get every time and I keep changing ports. However, I decided to set static IP and manual port forwarding to gain some kind of control over these things, and so far so good during the process. But after doing this I still couldnt see any changes in connection or speed pickin up, in fact I got a red triangle instead under the status info... Also, the next day when I logged in to the computer my wireless network went down, all I got was a "connection failed" message.

I decided to change back to dynamic ip again and connection was back on.

Another thing that makes this even weirder is that lately, as soon as I get in on Utorrent and downloading something, our cable modem and VOIP modem goes crazy! Connection on cable modem is getting weaker (not losing it completely thank god) and voip modem loses connection and impossible to make or take calls. As soon as I close Utorrent, everything is stable again.

I have a Linksys WRT54GS router and it has been fine for about 4 months, even with using p2p. Lately, Ive had to reboot it alot more often as of before always connected with good signal. Questions:

Should I try to download some of those recomended firmwares out there for these kind of problems or is it a risk of screwing up my router by doing that?

If the router gets bricked by this, how easy is it for me to fix this?

Why does my router disconnect the laptop when I change to static ip?

Anything else I should do to this?

I have Comcast connection and WRT54GS router and a VOIP router connected to the network also. Thanks! Ladyzoul.

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I totally bricked my ancient wired 4-port Linksys router -- it crashed WHILE I was flashing its bios.

Hit its factory default reset button, turned it off/on, and reconfigured it so I could reflash it...reflashed it and changed some settings...it's working fine since (been a couple years).

µTorrent probably has UPnP, DHT, and/or too high half-open connections allowed...and at least one or all of those is simply overloading the router. Also possible is simply too high an upload speed or number of global connections. Wireless connections as a general rule don't do 100+ connections very well. Linksys wireless with custom special firmwares...might do 500+ connections without problems.

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Thanks, that might possible be it, overload, now I even have problems with losing some of the voip connection through the router jus by being online (not p2p-ing) and surfing websites. We've had excellent voip quality so far by using the wireless router, but maybe its just tired now. Rebooting dont seem to help. Should I upgrade its software? I am considering doing my p2p networking wired from now on, and spare the router from it since this just seems to crash it. Oh well, thanks for letting me now!

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