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weirdest thing on earth


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first of all, i have adsl2+ (24mbits) and sync at about 6.6mbits.

a few weeks back, i was getting well over 500kb/s on most torrents with satisfying seeds.

but i have no idea why, from this week, everything is less than 10kb/s. i didnt change anything, and my network status is OK. i didnt portforward because of upnp and the utorrent port checker says its okay. i have outpost firewall v4 and have allowed utorrent (in the application list) for both udp and tcp. i tried many clients and many torrents, same thing.

help would be appreciated x100000


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It may just be a virus, trojan, or latest Windows patch causing the problems.

What else may have changed in the last week/month?

You could try removing outpost firewall entirely...if you have a router, then you don't really need a software firewall -- but the Win XP firewall is ok for general use.

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