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red to yellow triangle...sigh


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ive been using utorrent for awhile now and its always worked fine, however i recently moved out of state and signed up for a new isp. i use at&t sbc dsl and now im recieving the dreadful red circle and sometimes yellow triangle and when tested port forwarding it said ERROR. i called up my isp before due to not being able to host online games such as wc3 and they turned off the firewall on my modem, says all ports/applications open, however i still cannot host and i still get error with my port tests with yellow and sometimes red circles. i downloaded the openoffice test and was recieving 600ish kbps but still yellow. its a 2wire 2701hg-b modem/router and i have no current anti-virus programs installed. was wondering if anyone else could help or had this problem before, thanks.

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