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Is it possible to have scheduler change max d/ls?


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So during the daytime max of say 4 torrents active, at night max of say 10.

I find with bandwith limiting you can still end up connected to a lot of peers. So you end up with reduced web performance even though your download rate is under the bandwith limit. Which wouldn't really concern me, but the internet connection is shared.

Either that or have the scheduler able to alter max connections settings.

My only solution at the moment is to have the scheduler stop all torrents during the day, then I force a few to start.

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I think you will find that by throttling the upload speed to about half the maximum available, it won't impact on your surfing.

Don't forget your ISP connection speed is measured in KiloBits, yet uTorrent measures in KiloBytes.

So you have to divide the max by 8.

In my case I have 128kBits/sec max upload which divided by 8 comes to 16kBytes/sec.

The reason for this is that when you are surfing your PC sends a message to the web site to say it has "received X amount of data please send some more". If your upload rate is using all the bandwidth, the PC has to wait until it can ask for more web data. Hence the apparent slow surfing speeds.

And you can limit your download speed on the scheduler, too.

On my scheduler I have it set to download 75 and upload 7 during the day

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I understand what you're saying...and currently µTorrent cannot do that.

Yes, when scheduler slower speed mode kicks in, you still can end up with LOTS of connections. At least there was an added automatic upload slot handler added...so if upload slot speed drops below ~2 KB/sec then µTorrent will simply use fewer upload slots even though set to use more.

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Thank you both for your replies.

Sentinel: I understand the basics :) While throttling back uploads does have a positive effect, it isn't always sufficient to allow other user to surf comfortably. Thank you for your input though.

It would be a nice additional feature for a future release. Hopefully someone on the development team will agree!

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I hope features to the scheduler can be added via the web interface, so you can just write a program to control ut the way you want.

I have made in the past a few request to the scheduler and some said it was bloatware, some said it was cool, don't know what the people think about new features now.

For me, the more options to the scheduler the better, it really helps people with bad conections, as myself and other



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