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Cache Problem


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I've been looking round the forum for solution, but I didn't find any useful solution.. so here it goes my problem:

In the past I have been using UT without problems, but now I've changed my ISP and so now I got a lot more faster connection (before 1/0.25 - now 10/10 Mbit).

I don't know if this change caused problems, but currently I am experiencing uT eating my entire RAM. I mean physical and also VM mem usages of UT process are still below 20 Megs, but if I look at task manager I can see how UT is eating all my 'Available Physical Memory' - it will go from normal ~300 MB to something really small like 20 MB or less. At this point system slows down and disk starts swapping (and this of course annoys me). If I close UT Available memory will jump back to previous 300 MB (I have 512 MB of physical RAM + 4 GB swap file).

I suspect the reason (caching), but I really don't know how I could solve this myself. I've tried playing around with UT settings but nothing seems to work (or did I miss something?), maybe is solution in Windows settings, maybe some special program?

So I would be very pleased if someone finds solution, thx.

PS: I don't use any anti-virus or firewall product, also I don't run any monitoring program.

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