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new ISP .. need advice !


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hi guys !

i have changed my ISP and now i will bw getting 256kbps during the day and 512 kbps during the night

what setting would u suggest ??

it just tried using the 256k settings and the upload went up till 22kbps , but the download is the same i.e around 25-27kbps , which i was getting with the upload set on 6kbps !!

anyway of getting the download up too ???

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You may be confusing download and upload bandwidth limits. Just because your connection download bandwidth max increases, your upload may not...or vice-versa.

If for whatever the reason, the torrents you're on are already giving you 25-27 KB/sec download while you're only giving 6 KB/sec back...and your connection is 256 kilobits/sec download max...then you're not going to get much/any faster download speed no matter what you change upload speed to. However, if you're giving less back, then you will eventually find torrents that give little back in return! Plus if everyone cuts their upload low then nobody gets fast(er) download.

If while your connection is 512 kbps during the night, then your download speeds in µTorrent *SHOULD* go over 32 KB/sec (possibly as high as 55-60 KB/sec) on good/well-seeded torrents if your ISP isn't throttling BitTorrent traffic and actually giving what they say they are. It also depends on what your upload bandwidth changes to during night hours.

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i hear ya man !

during the day i got 25-27kbps and during the night 50-53kbps !!

but i am keeping the upload to 22kbps and NOT 6kbps , cause as u said , if everyone cuts their upload , how will anyone get fast downloads and since i am getting good downloads , i am trying to do my bit and give as much upload as possible to rest of the guys !!

utorrent rocks !!

thanks again for replying , appreciate it !

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