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Availibility % < Downloaded % possible ?


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Ok, I started a (big) torrent download with approx 600 MB size

When I open now the "General" tab there is a "Downloaded" and a "Availability" bar.

Much to my surprise the "Availablity" bar shows with a percentage of 36% lots of gaps

while the "downloaded" goes straight from 0% -> 100% during the 2 hours of download.

Hmm, whats that? Shouldn't "Availablility" show 100% since the download is completely possible without problems in one step ?

What sense makes the "Availibility" bar otherwise ?

If it is an "Update" problem: Can I force the "Availability" bar to be updated completely?

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I'm pretty sure availability doesn't include seeds and is therefore only really relevant if there are no seeds. [edit]<=- WRONG![/edit]

It shows how much of the whole file is available over all the peers. Even with seeds present availability can be an interesting stat cos it shows how good the torrent is actually spread around (which could increase speeds).

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imo... availability is an average off all peers (leechers and seeders)..

(seeders.100% + leechers.n%) / (leechers + seeders) = available%

whereas your download is just yours.. 100% (or less if you havent finished it)

goon is the way of the future

....big torrent (~600mb)? 4gig is a big torrent.. 600mb is average.

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Each piece is counted as it is seen in the connected peers.

Until there is 1 copy of EVERY piece, the availability does not increment.

Each connected seed causes the availability to increment one.

Each complete set of pieces among peers (counting each time the piece has been seen once) causes the availability to increment one.

After that it's the percentage of pieces that are available.

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