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How to remove automatically files from list after completion and remov


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Assume I completed a download successfuly and removed the full file from the download directory. How do I tell uTorrent to remove this entry from its list ?

Ok I could do it manually by right clicking and selecting "remove" from context menu.

But is there an automatic way ? In other words: If uTorrent checks the directory at startup and didn't find the full file it should remove it AUTOMATICALLY.

Currently those fields are marekd red with the text

"Error: Files missing from job: Please recheck"

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I really hope it does someday.

I use uTorrent to transfer backups from our remote WAN sites into Head Office once a week. Every single part of the backup process is scripted (create the backup, create the .torrent file, upload to tracker, start seeding, start the remote client downloading), the only thing that I haven't been able to script is removing the torrent from uTorrent. It would be nice to be able to go "utorrent.exe /remove torrent_file.torrent" in the script and have it disappear from uTorrent, currently you can add torrents from the command line, so why not remove? At the moment, we're VNCing into 52 remote computers and manually removing the torrents, this gets tiresome pretty quickly. Considering the amazing work thats been done on uTorrent so far, I don't think a tiny little feature like this would be hard to implement.

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