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Since 2 days downloads stuck between 0.0 kb and 3.8


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Hi there,

Im from the Netherlands so excuse me if I make some dumb english grammatical errors. Since 4 days I cant get my utorrent work in a normal speed. If I do speedtest it says my dl speed is around 161.9 kbps.

I already read the faq and since I'm not a whizzkid, also read a post by nat, I dont know what I must do.

I changed something at my preferences, but only the following things:

* Maximum active torrents = 2 maximum active downloads 2

* Bittorent> maximum connections 130

Bittorent > Maximum number of connected peers per torrent

Bittorent > number of uploads per torrent 3

Dunno if the last * has to do anything to my download speed though.

When I press ctrl+g I have connections xx/192

Hopefully someone knows something about this problem. Its also very weird when I want to download a torrent

at the search page it says for instance 800s 120l and when I press download torrent I cant find any seeds.

I heard lot of users have the problem of the low dl speed but when it worked it was never over 50 so very low.

Hopefully some1 can help me :)

ps: probably my downloads are so low because I cant find seeds, its alway seeds 0(0) / Peers 0 (141)

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If the torrent tracker says there's no seeds...then you're unlikely to find any seeds.

DHT and Peer Exchange can get lucky occassionally, but you can't count on them very often.

You seem to have set µTorrent's settings based on your download speed rather than your upload speed. Speed Guide (CTRL+G) bases µTorrent's settings off your upload speed -- which is likely even slower than your download speed.

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