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Download doesn't start, and eventually the "availability" bar goes red


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Hi guys,

Ok, so im running windows XP 64bit edition, but im having some prolems with uTorrent. Basically, i open a .torrent file, it downloads at something like 0.3 kb/sec for about 10 seconds, then freezes at 0 kb/sec and the availability bar at the bottom of the UI goes completely red. I have this problem no matter whether my firewall is on or off, and it would be great if someone could help, since i've already uninstalled nVidia firewall through trying to fix this! (uTorrent told me to!)

I know it seems a little short and bland, but there really isn't anything else to it (that i know of), so i hope this post is slightly helpful at least!

Thanks in advance for anyone who reads this.

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