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Question about bandwidth allocation


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Hello, I searched a bit and I don't think this was asked.

What I want to know is if there's another way to see a priority of a torrent's bandwidth allocation (high normal or low) without having to individually right click that torrent to see which one is marked. There needs to be a column or something that we can add to the view and it will say 'high normal or low' respectively.

I'm sure that altering the bandwidth of several torrents will make this a very usable feature if I didn't overlook it....Is there a way to easily see the priority that I missed?

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to be honest,I dont think it makes any difference.

If I have a well seeded/peered torrent on High, and a middle of the road one on normal, Ive seen it (Normal) come down at almost max bandwidth and ignore the other one.

Ive also set seeding ones to High, and I cant see any difference either.

But thats only me, could be working for everyone else.


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