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Torrent Gods - Hear my Plea!


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Yup, dumbass here...having some trouble figuring uTorrent out! I humbly request the knowledge of the uTorrent Gods!

Anyway, so the story goes...I'm up and running...downloading a few torrents and of course seeding whatever I upload. uTorrent will be flying along, downloading and uploading items at excellent speeds...then for no reason that I can figure out, the upload and download speeds will drop down to nothing.

I've noticed the little triangle at the bottom which lets me know that I have no incoming connections.

I'll fiddle with things a bit, pick a new port through the preferences "Random Port" thing, shut things down and then start things up again. Generally uTorrent will pick up and then continue to speed along with excellent download and upload speeds. A short time later, I'll check the PC and notice again that things have grinded to a halt and everything is in the red.

Now, I'm guessing here, but I believe that it has something to do with Port Forwarding. Let me know if I'm wrong. I'll run the port forwarding test through uTorrent and more often than not, not always, I get a message telling that the port isn't forwarded properly.

I've gone to the recommended site to learn how to forward a port, gone through the info and learned that I need to set up a static IP address...again, stop me if I'm wrong.

I've gone into the guide to figure this one out, made it all the way through to obtaining my IP address, Subnet Mask, Default Gateway, and Name Servers, gone into my Network Connections on my PC but then I hit the wall. I've got my IP and Subnet mask and also my Default Gateway, DHCP Server and DNS Servers BUT all three of these have the IDENTICAL address. The only numbers I have that are different are my IP and Subnet Mask.

Once I go into my Network Connections and attempt to enter the information according to the guide:


I get a message from the PC telling me that the numbers cannot be identical. So, my questions are this: how come my numbers are all the same for those three things and how can I change them?

Torrent Gods...hear my plea!

Your humble servant,


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Your connection is quite likely simply losing connection/dropping.

Best guess as to why: some overload caused by excessive settings in µTorrent...though the settings may only be "excessive" due to weak firewall or router or modem!

Have you patched Windows XP SP2 so it can handle high half-open connection rates?

Also, even if you have, try reducing the half-open connection rate µTorrent uses from 8 to as low as 4.

If you're having problems, don't use random port in µTorrent. Choose a port and stick with it.

If you have a router, then your Default Gateway, DHCP Server, and DNS Servers may all be the same ip address -- your router's LAN ip...with or being most common.

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