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Freakin port fowarding


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Ok before i start i tried for 4 hours straight readin every guides u guys had made about the subject.

I never got it to work...i have a linksys router model wrt54g v3.0 firmware v4.20.6 i run widows xp with sp2 and got AVG 7.5 internet security wich has a firewall.

So i made it to changin to static ip and doin all the rest but yet it was still not workinwhen i was testin to see if the port was open and i have absoutly no clue why cuz i followed every freakin step one by one so if anyone could see what i had forgotten please do so...btw i reset all of the changes i had made to my router and to my network cuz i couldnt dl at all with static ip i could go on the net though...so i now i can dl with somewhat decent speed but i still dont have that freakin green light!

So plz help me and thx u for your time and effort

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