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Torrentspy and RSSAt - does anyone have it working?


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Is anyone sucessfully using rsssat with torrentspy to overcome the shortcomings of utorrent's RSS reader? I have the following setup which includes the truncating of the 1st slash, however the truncate function doesn't seem to work (I have tried to truncate before 1-5 slahses with the same effect).

The original RSS feed: http://torrentspy.com/rss.asp

The one I am trying to get working: http://open.backslash.org.uk/RSSatellite.php?url=http%3A%2F%2Ftorrentspy.com%2Frss.asp&find=www.torrentspy.com%2Ftorrent%2F&replace=www.torrentspy.com%2Fdownload.asp%3Fid%3D&truncatebeforeslash=1

If you notice, what happens is for example:




How do I get rid of the "/xxx_xxx_xxx_xxxx_xxx_xxxx" isn't that what 'truncatebeforetheslash' is supposed to do?


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