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Bugs in translations


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Please post here every bugs You noticed according to translations. I noticed following:

- in Advanced options dialog text label Value is too short, the polish text is cut there (around 10-15 more pixels needed)

- Still Advanced Options - Name & Value headings are not translated

That's everything I've noticed so far. Of course I'm talking about v1.1.7.2.

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I've found a bug in the Romanian translation for the 1.5 build 437 file (which I updated 2 hrs. ago): with the romanian language selected, a lot of empty (and non-empty) tabs are added after the last one that appears in English version (after the Logger tab).

Clicking every one of them produces a bug (and also a log file, wich I already sent as soon as uT asked for it)...

Checking the translations forum, it seems that the romanian translators stopped somehow at a previous version (1.2.2 as I recall)?

Too bad, because the translation itself is quite accurate - maybe the translators affected somehow the app core?

I'm at your disposal for further information (if needed).



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This bug occurs when translator accidently deletes two pipe characters (" || ") from the end of a string that represent tabs, drop-downs and such. I've corrected this bug and rebuilt language pack - feel free to download and see if the problem still occurs. It shouldn't :).

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