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Problem when using different a internal and external port


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I've forwarded my ports through a wireless router and then through a normal router.

Now I've set things up so that I can change between connecting through a wire to the normal router and the wireless router without having to change the port settings in utorrent.

The routing looks like this:

Pipe -> Router -> Wireless -> PC

-> PC

And are forwarded like this.

Router:16667 <-> PC:16667

Router:16668 <-> Wireless :16667 <-> PC:16667

This means that there are two possible outside ports and when checking with the port forwarding tool everything checks out fine. However when using the wireless, uTorrent does not go off the yellow status light.

Now I've changed the routing so that the same port is used everywhere. Which looks like this:

Router:16669 <-> Wireless :16669 <-> PC:16669

This works as it should.

Now it would appear that uTorrent needs the same port on every route of the way but I can't quite understand how.

Can anybody comment on this?



I tried lowering the max connections, just incase the wireless wouldn't like it. Didn't work.


F-Secure (AntiVir, Firewall)

Routers: Speedtouch 546 and U.S. Robotics 5461 (Wireless)


Connection: ADSL

Hardware: HP laptop.

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... Of course that doesn't work. The port that's open on the outside is 16668, but when you report to the tracker, or use the port checker, it's expecting 16667 to be the port in use. If port 16667 isn't open in the outside router, then it gets you nowhere. I understand what you're trying to do, but can't think of a solution myself other than to change manually =T

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