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Slow Speed, Tell me if I am wrong


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I am new to this bit torrent stuff and I have noticed slow download speeds for bit torrent as compared to normal downloads from the net. Just like so many others in this forum, as seen by the multitude of questions. My ISP does not throttle my connection for bit torrents. I experimented with torrents of open office and the linux distros. They maxed out my download speeds quickly and were the same speed I could get via a regular download off the net. Yet most torrents rarely achieve speeds above 500Kb(bits) or about 60kB(bytes). I then experimented with a torrent from revision3 thinking it would max out my connection. It did not, it only got 1Mb speed.

When I observe the downloads in utorrent it shows most of the pieces are only being downloaded to me at very slow speeds, 0.1kB etc. It also shows many peers with 100% of the file and nothing beind downloaded from them. These are torrents with more than 20 peers and many seeds. The conclusion I have drawn from this is that most people have their upload speeds throttled too low or their ISP throttled their upload speed to low.

Am I wrong in this conclusion ? I really want to hear what the moderators of this forum have to say about this issue.

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