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Help - Torrents STOPS after sleep !


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I have a comment I believe every single one of you must suffer from (?). Still I cannot find a single resolution on the faq / forum about it.

After I send my computer into sleep / hibernation utorrent will stop my torrents and when I awaken my computer again. Of course they cannot be active while system is asleep, but they should automatically be resumed when computer awakens.

How do I automatically force torrents to start after sleep / hibernation?

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That is wierd becuase it is not the behaviour I have seen on 4 different machines with µTorrent. After sleep / hibernation µTorrent has always stopped all torrents.

It is not surprising this can occur since sleep/hibernate cuts all power to NIC and any connections you might have had before sleep/hibernate are cut off cold turkey. However, there should be some functions that checks if a torrent is stopped and autmatically starts it (unless it was stopped manually by user).

Any ideas?

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