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Cannot re-locate current downloads to other folder


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I started a couple of downloads to my default download directory D:\data

Then, after some days, I decided to relocate the download directory to

another folder D:\utorrent\downloads\

For that I did the following:

1.) I stopped (but not removed) all current downloads.

2.) In preferences->Downloads I changed the directory labelled

"Put new downloads in" to D:\utorrent\downloads

3.) In preferences->Other I changed the directory labelled

"Store .torrent files in" to D:\utorrent\downloads

4.) Finally I moved all current unfinished *.ut! and *.torrent files to the new folder


5.) I restarted utorrent.

Much to my surprise utorrent did not recognize the old, unfinished downloads and showed me an Error message.

Why does uTorrent not find the current pending downloads, rechecks and resume them ?

Is there another way to relocate the downloads with maintaining the already downloaded parts of the downloaded (movies(archives) ?

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